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Friendica 2022.02 released

@Friendica News
Updating 1adbdfb8d..72c4ed95f
error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge:#

whats going worng?
@Olaf auf Friendica you seem to have made some changes to tracked files. gid status will show you which files were changed, git diff will show you all the changes.
The archive files are now avail-able as well :)
@Paulo da Silva thanks for highlighting this! I've added a note to the release notes. Though granting all accounts on the system write access is a bad solution if you can avoid it.
@Paulo da Silva @Friendica News Thank you for letting us know. I just added another line to my script
I think I should include a script as well when creating the archive. Can you provide your script so I can double-check if I'm missing something?

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